Venture capital. DIGITAL ASSETS.
UVECON is a venture studio, accelerator, and consulting firm, based in Hong Kong. We are helping our clients, partners, and portfolio companies to expand and grow in Hong Kong and Asia. With a unique business network we've built through a decade, we are able to connect overseas companies with local market. Our key value is our reputation and years of experience. Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we know the pain points of our partners, and ready to share our knowledge and connections.
Our focus and expertise
Blockchain tech
What we do
Business development & Growth
Professional business development services in Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area. Representation of the project and companies. Assistance with soft-landing in Hong Kong.

We have more than 10 years of experience and a huge business network in Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area, and South East Asia, we work with selected companies as their representatives in Hong Kong.
Co-investment network
VC-ecosystem is rapidly growing in Hong Kong, Greater Bay Area, and South-East Asia. We are deeply integrated into the ecosystem with well-established relations in the space.
Our network of venture ecosystem players includes more than 500 funds, private investors, family offices, accelerators, incubators, enterprises across Asia, US, and Europe. To build this network we spent many years and this is our main value.
Our expertise is covering different tracks with deep understanding of the markets - e-commerce, SaaS, blockchain, fintech, loyalty programs, EduTech, F&B and FoodTech, retail.

We support the best projects and teams, providing them with the advice based on the experience and expertise of our mentors and experts from leading companies, startups, VCs, corporate partners.
How we work
Communication with client
Video call or personal meeting to understand client's business and challenges
Project analysis 
We preliminary check our network and business contacts to identify if we are able to complete the project. 
We will issue the proposal together with the list of potential partners, customers we can approach. Also we request the client to provide us with the list of preferred connections, i.e. companies or private persons.
We define the contract terms, KPI, project duration etc. together with client.
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